Save the Children

Save the Children is a non governmental organization founded in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton with a Registration No. as thus: England & Wales (213890) Scotland (SC039570) with location and registered office at St. Vincent House, 30 Orange Street, London, WC2H 7HH, UK. The organization began operations in London, England and has extended its service tentacles and coverage worldwide. The slogan of the organization is “We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfill their potential.” “We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfill their potential.” While the mission statement of the organization is “To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives” and the website of the organization is .

Save the Children Fund also referred to as “Save the Children” major aims and objectives is to promote the rights of children and also provide relief and assistance support to children in developing countries all over the world. Its establishment was in 1919 as stated above and its primary duty was to create an avenue to aid improve the lives of children via better and adequate education, improved health care and good economic opportunities including the provisions of emergency aid during natural disaster, war and other incidental conflicts or unexpected dangerous events taking place that may affect the lives of children.

To add to the organizations in the United Kingdom are thirty National Save the Children organizations who also take up membership and belong to Save the Children International, a worldwide network of non-profit and non-governmental organizations who give support to local partners in about one hundred and twenty (120) countries all over the world.

The Save the Children assist in promoting policy and programs changes in order to assist in gaining more rights for children/adolescent or young people most importantly in the area of enforcement of the United Nation Declaration of the Right of the Child. Coalition members help in coordinating emergency-relief supports, assisting in protecting children from the adverse effects of conflicts, war and restive violence. The organization has a general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council a branch of the United Nations Organization (UNO).

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Origins of the Organization

Save the Children Fund was established in London, England on 15th day of April 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton as a means to alleviate malnourishment of children in Austria-Hungary and Germany during the united obstruction of Germany in World War 1 which persisted after the settlement.

The struggle the Famine Council started abi initio commenced in 1919 for the purpose of putting political pressure on the UK Government to put an end to the obstruction, the first meeting was held at Catherine Courtney located at 15 Cheyne Walk. But in April 15, 1919 a separate “Save the Children Fund” was created which was different from that of the Council in other to foster integrity and avoid politics inclinations. In May 1999 at a meeting in London’s Royal Albert Hall the fund was openly inaugurated to “provide relief to children who are being castigated or suffocating as a result of the effects of war” and assist in raising funds to aid children during emergency and issues of food supplies during conflict. Among dignitaries who supported the project in December 1999 was Pope Benedict XV, when he publicly made his intention known in support for Save the Children and also publicly declared 28th day of December of every year as “Innocents Day” for raising of funds.

In 1919 the pioneer branch was established in Fife, Scotland. A contemporary, Radda Bamen meaning “Save the Children”), was established that same year in Sweden, other organizations was also established. The International Save the Children Union was established in Geneva in Europe on the 6th day of January, 1920. Jebb established good relationship with other Geneva based bodies which included Red Cross that supported Save the Children International foundation.

Jebb deployed many fund raising techniques which made “Save the Children” the first charity organization in the UK to be published in newspapers. She also contracted doctors, lawyers and other professionals for the purpose of devising successful mass advertisement. In 1920, the organization commenced sponsorship for children to get more benefactors. It succeeded in raising about £8,000,000 the money equivalent of today’s currency rate.

Russian Famine Experience

In 1921, the situation for children in Europe was improving as a result of the efforts of Save the children. Though, the famine in Russia in 1921 made Jebb become conscious that Save the Children must be an everlasting association and that children’s rights regularly need to be protected. Its agenda was now to be “an international effort to preserve child life wherever it is affected by situations of economic adversity and sorrow”

Between 1921 – 1923, the organization made campaigns in Russia and in Turkey for the purpose of educating refugees by working with others such as the Russian Famine Relief Fund and Nansen and was welcomed by the League of Nations. Meanwhile Russia was excluded from relief and aid, Save the Children pressured Soviet authorities to allow their presence for aids and reliefs.

Daily Express criticized the organization’s work, that the organization should not help Russia but its own people. Instead the organization responded with increased publicity about the suffering children and mass graves and it won the struggle to supply reliefs worth 600 tons worth of relief supplies to Russia.

World War II Experience

After world war II there were images of starving children in Europe. Jebb and her sister worked hard to see that Save the children went first into the liberated centers after World War II, the organization worked in refugee children camps and displaced survivors of Nazi concentration camps. They worked with UK focusing on improving situations for children affected by war and conflicts.

Continued crises

In 1950(s) crises situations continued though as a result of the Korean War and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, also works began in Asia and Africa. Save the Children was active in the major conflicts of the period such as the Vietnam War and the Biafra war in Nigeria. Ethiopia, Sudan disasters also where spot that brought about appeals for funds to save the children and work expansion for it. Also, the rights based approach for development for children brought about rights of child against child soldiers emanated and paved way for the campaign against child soldiers in Africa. The outbreak of Ebola brought about appeal for establishment of hospital to manage the problem in Sierra Leon in 2014 and also support for children in Kailahun who lost their families to the dreadful disease.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Sometime in 1923, Jebb campaign for the support for children who have been adversely affected by conditions of war, violence and conflicts. He was the brain behind what is now UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child with the following criteria: proposition; (a) the child must be given the means requisite for its normal development, both materially and spiritually. (b) the child that is hungry must be fed, the child that is sick must be nursed, the child that is backward must be helped, the delinquent child must be reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored(c) the child must be the first to receive relief in times of distress. (d) The child must be put in a position to earn a livelihood, and must be protected against every form of exploitation (e) the child must be brought up in the consciousness that its talents must be devoted to the service of its fellow men. In 1924 it was adopted by the league of Nations and called the Declaration of Geneva. And was integrated to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations in 1989.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

During the World War II, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and in November 1959, the UN General Assembly sequel to Jebbs propositions on rights of the child made the Declaration of the Rights of the Child a mere statement that was not legally binding but of general principles. But in 1989 it was adopted by general assembly and adopted in September 1990 it became international law. The Convention serves the criteria for all of Save the Children’s work. Almost all the countries of the world law has integrated the rights of the child into law except South Sudan and the United States.


Rewrite the Future (a body of Save the Children)

Rewrite the Future is Save the Children’s first campaign made globally which includes 28 members of its association. Starting in 2006, the campaign is to secure education for children who are unable to achieve education due to conflicts particularly in Asia, Africa and the middle east. It succeeded in 2008 to give education to 10 million children.

Every One Campaign (a body of Save the Children)

The Campaign commenced in October 2009 due to the Millennium Development Goals inaugurated in 2000. With a 7 steps as given below is to reduce mortality rate of children as thus:- (a) Focus on newborn babies (b) Prioritize equally (c) Mobilize additional resources (d) Train and deploy more health care workers (e) Tackle malnutrition (f) Increase focus on children during emergencies

Every Beat Matters Campaign

The campaign, started in August 2012 aiming to prevent child deaths. Each year, about 7 million children die before attaining the age of 5, due to preventable disease like malaria , pneumonia and diarrhea. Songs were being written and slogans were created in affected African countries to support the campaign and educating health workers in the fight against tuberculosis, diabetes and AIDS.   World Health Organization is still crying out that there is shortage of health workers to assist the project. The release of campaigns videos also seen by over 20 million people insinuating examples of if British were affected by the child problem which went viral and caused a lot of sensitivity.

Structure and accountability of the Organization.

Save the Children as an International organization has other branches and subsidiaries with 30 national bodies serving in about 120 countries in the world. The organizations is guided by the same principle as inscribed in the convention.

Connections with other organizations

It is aided with funds raised from the Will aid, where participating solicitors help and assist in   inviting the clients to fund raising. It works with other NGOs in Family Tracing and Reunification. The organization has also witness controversies from other sectors such as the film industries where they perceived the film made for Save the Children as painting it in a bad light, which lead to litigation between Save the Children and the film industry.

Expulsion from Pakistan

Controversies and problems occurred for the organization when it was perceived that the organization has been infiltrated by the Central Intelligence Agency’s in 2011. It was presented that there was impersonation of health workers by security agencies and distribution of fake vaccination. These allegation became subject of great concerns for Save the Children and Pakistan which later led to expulsion and withdrawal of the organization from Pakistan. The incident was further propelled by the allegations of presence of the American security agency when they were in pursuit of Osama Bin Ladin. Although the Minister of Home Affairs later denied the suspension in Pakaistan. The United State president Obama later refute the report that security agencies went under covers as health workers. Awards given in 2014 to Tony Blair by the leaders of Save the Children USA was met with wide criticism by over 500 workers of the organization questioning the rationale behind the award.